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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Trinity College Summer School radio shows – created in one day from scratch to completion.

Listen here to the great shows from 2009 and the feedback from the three days recorded at the end.  Additionally the jingles are here as mp3s to use as ringtones.

Doug Lyon working the mixing desk


Freedom Fighters Show

Gibberish Show

Nonsense Show

Sneeze Again Show

Debate Time Show

Bare Knuckle Debate Show

Star Blitz Show


Bare Knuckle Debate Show jingle

Gibberish Show jingle

Star Blitz Show jingle

Sneeze Again Show jingle

Nonsense Show jingle

The Gibberish Show jingle 2

Freedom Fighters Show jingle


Session 1 feedback

Session 2 feedback

Session 3 feedback


Listen to your show with the flash player that will pop up when you put your mouse over the link. If you want to download the shows, right-click the show name and choose ‘Save Link As’

Wed 16th July 2008

1) Football Fanatics Show & Jingle

2) KCC Show & Jingle

3) SpeakUp! Show & Jingle

4) Gossip Girls Show & Jingle

Thur 17th July 2008

1) The Necessary Show & Jingle

2) The Communication Show & Jingle

3) Sports Life & Jingle

4) Museeker Debate & Jingle

Fri 18th July 2008

1) Burger Boy & Jingle

2) BLT Show & Jingle

3) Bananarama Show & Jingle

4) Pictionary Show & Jingle