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Wed 16th July 2008

1) Football Fanatics Show & Jingle

2) KCC Show & Jingle

3) SpeakUp! Show & Jingle

4) Gossip Girls Show & Jingle

Thur 17th July 2008

1) The Necessary Show & Jingle

2) The Communication Show & Jingle

3) Sports Life & Jingle

4) Museeker Debate & Jingle

Fri 18th July 2008

1) Burger Boy & Jingle

2) BLT Show & Jingle

3) Bananarama Show & Jingle

4) Pictionary Show & Jingle


The course has been taught in varying formats in both Higher and Further Education and with many different client groups including mental health service users, disaffected young people, school children from year five to eleven and business professionals.

The show and debating content is usually brought by the client and music chosen by the participants. Debating skills are strongly encouraged as a a way of getting people to explore points of view beyond there own.

This selection is taken from a workshop with young people who are in Learning Support Units at school because of disruptive behaviour. I use role play and ‘devil’s advocate’ techniques to move the goalposts around and be playful with provoking useful reflection.

Doug Lyon has trained hundreds of participants on his radio workshops since 1992. The short radio production for beginner’s course takes newcomers through a white knuckle ride to completing an ‘as live’ show in a very short time.

Transferable (soft) skills such as punctuality, effective cooperation, maintaining a sense of humour under pressure and public speaking are developed.

All involved have an in depth experience of a production role such as producer or presenter, and additionally get a clear overview of what it takes to create a talk based radio show.

All participants get copies of their shows afterwards as a souvenir of their process. Listen to Doug talk about the Lyonheart training philosophy and his role in the process.